Rework of Code Base

As something I learned from going to Brains Eden is that companies would like to look at the code base for the various projects you work on. Unfortunately as I never did this as I didn't have funding to have private repos and didn't want people to access the code I was working on, as with all projects there are potential releases. This meant that I never had a repo for Defend Earth and my current projects. Luckily I have been able to get private repos and will be able to have a online back up of each code base. However, as this is more for potential employers, some of the code base will need to be reworked as a lot of it is hacky especially in Defend Earth. This provides me with a great opportunity to go back and re-code the entire code base and improve Defend Earth. This also means I can fix a bug that I have only recently seen last month but also have a final apk ready that will be used for each app store (google play, amazon and as currently they aren't all the same or the latest build is broken with the fore-mentioned bug.

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