Working on version 0.3 of Space Runner

So recently I uploaded version 0.2 of Space Runner, which is playable and has 4 ships available. I got some feedback from a close friend about the font which I knew I was likely to change, which as you can see from the screenshots from the main menu has been updated. I think this suits the game a lot better and is easier to read than the previous font being used.

I have already created 2 more ships and added them into the game. The first one being The Claw, which is loosely based off the mining ships from the first GOTG film. The second ship is The Speedster, which actual looks a lot like something from Star Wars, which wasn't done on purpose. The Claw has more health and shields but lacks speed and The Speedster is the opposite.

Another thing missing from version 0.2 is the help screen which is currently being worked on. Hopefully this will convey the game and help users learn how to play the game.

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