Version 0.3 release

I was able to finish the last two ships and add them into the game as well as added the help section into the game. These will be the last ships to be added in until release. After release more ships will be added in as part of dlc. However, this doesn't mean that work on the ships have finished. Part of the game is that the ships will have its own special abilities. For example the spider will be able to teleport from one side to another. These abilities are yet to be added in but eventually will.

As newer ships will be dlc, there will have to be a system in place to keep players data or at least transfer it from one build to another including a way to track the dlc downloaded. This is partially due to how and it's app works as there's no real way to do that at the moment. However this might get complicated with the android release of the game.

As well as these tasks there is still the issue of lack of obstacle variety which I'm slowly working on as well as the lack of audio. This hasn't been decided on and who I will have working on but that's a future problem.


Space Runner 0.3 16 MB
Jun 16, 2017
Space Runner 0.3 13 MB
Jun 16, 2017

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