Obstacle Updating

So one of the issues with the current build is that the obstacles  don't have any variation and that the HUD doesn't update if the shield up is collected. The HUD issue was quickly fixed so the shield value goes up when collected but also when you collide with it a text pop up will appear, similar to when you take damage. Same goes for speed up and speed down.

As for the obstacles I have made a few adjustments, the game objects that have the two diamond shapes have an offset that are applied when they spawn. This allows for more variation but also allows the player to avoid the pick ups if needed as before you had to either take damage or take the speed down, where as now you can avoid both.

There are now two types of working obstacles, one with one diamond and the other with two diamonds. However as they both use the same script at the moment there are a few issues such as the offset not being needed for the first type and also the pick ups still spawn with the first type. These and a few other bits added to each obstacles own class that inherits from the base one that is being used by both at the moment.

There will be more obstacle to come as well as variations of the current ones, as just by adding the single diamond obstacle the gameplay seems more challenging and more enjoyable to play.

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