Bug Fixes and Ship Names

There were a few bugs with the 0.4 build of the game, mainly to do with buttons not working and forced full screen on macs. Both of these issues should be fixed, not able to test the full screen issue as I haven't got a mac but the script I wrote, should take it out of full screen when the start menu scene loads.

Two of the ships have now also been renamed. The Rookie is now Dorito and The Bee is now Honey Bee. From this I have also thought of a new special ability for Honey Bee, which is when active the obstacles turn into pollen and will give the player extra health. This ability will be shorter than most as it could easily become over powered and make the game too easy. As for Dorito I am not sure about its special ability yet but for its damage particles, instead of the usual square it will be smaller Doritos and bottles of mountain dew.

I also got some feedback on the mouse controls and have increase the mouse sensitivity which should help with any movement issues or movement seeing off. I personally prefer to use the arrow keys but now the mouse should work a lot better.


Space Runner 0.5 Win.zip 13 MB
Jun 22, 2017
Space Runner 0.5 Mac.zip 16 MB
Jun 22, 2017

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