A downloadable tool

The idea is to create an plug in and play tool that can be used to make text that use the TMPro plugin scalable. This will help make games made with Unity more accessible if used. Not always an issue with some games but with Death Stranding being recently released and the main issue it had was the text size having something like a scalable text plugin that can be added into a project without any issues would be extremely useful.

Instead of charging for this I've decided to make it free, if you do wish to pay for it then I would ask that you donate to the guys at Special Effect.


TMPro Text Scaler 0.0.7.zip 571 kB

Install instructions

Download and unzip the Unity Package and import into Unity. Make sure Text Mesh Pro essentials is also imported. You will need to include the Text Scaler Manager prefab into at least the initial scene and then add the Scalable Text component to each text object that uses Text Mesh Pro.